Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Monk

I am feeling really burnt out. I did think of taking a trip somewhere, but it is Sunday and all the shops are shut. There can be a dead atmospeher about a Sunday.

So I spent part of the day reading "The Monk" by  Matthew Lewis. This a famous, or perhaps better it is an infamous Gothic novel from the 18th Century. The Monk was a celebrated man of piety in Madrid, but gradually his lustful passions overtake him

Although some very nasty things happen in this novel, it made me feel a bit lustful, and midway through the book, I wanted to seduce someone. There was a woman at work who had  a new hair cut, I almost complimented her on her new look, because it made her more sexy, but then I was nervous and trying to finish some deadlines, so I set nothing. It is a good thing that I didn't read the book last weekend!

You see if I could have gone shopping for some beer and chicken then I wouldn't have read this book and had lustful thoughts.

The Church doesn't come off very well in the book, so it is difficult to believe they were happy with it.