Monday, May 02, 2005


Although I obviously am not effectedby late nighyt TV adverts, I went out and got a playstation yesterday. They are now at the price that I consider getting one. There are a number of new models coming out, so prices are falling. I played a bit of prince of persia last night. I seemed to die a lot, until I found the button for blocking (then it just got boring, as I kept getting hit on the ground and I blocked but couldn't get up). Anyway I now feel that I am a fully complete member of society. Anyway I think it is more useful than watching 2 pounds action DVDs. Anyway there are issues about reality and the interface between the author and the text. Plus I get to hbit monsters with a swords, something that I am not allowed to do in real life. There was a famous case in the 60s where a politician got caught in a scandal involving whores and heavy drinking. His excuse was that he couldn't read anymore, so had to fill his time in other ways. This seems a perfectly reasonable execuse to me. Rebellion through confirmity!