Monday, May 23, 2005


I have been getting more sleep lately, but that means I have been dreaming more. I had one dream where I was hugging someone I really like. This would have been fine, except that their face was all burnt and scared under a plastic pale mask, so I could not kiss her. Two nights ago, I dreamt that a woman cam into my bedroom with some books that I lent her. She then lent me a copy of the bible. We stood very close, and she asked what was I doing on the 9th. I asked what day the 9th was, and then I woke up. Thw woman was wearing sensibe clothes. What is my unconcious trying to tell me? There is the fairly obvious point that perhaps I would be happier if I had a girlfriend. I was very worried about the bible reference. Was God trying to tell me something? On reflection there is a long history in the McNeile family of becoming a priest when the need for sexual love becomes overwhelming. Freud was perhaps right afterall, sex explains everything. Anyway I very disapointed in my unconcious. What is the point is telling me what I already know dressed up in transparant fake imagary? Too much beer and cut price DVDs has brought me to this. I expect I just need to read more. Freedom to the imagination!