Thursday, May 05, 2005


The best thing I ever read in the New Scientist magazine was that Guy Faulkes was the only honest person to go into parliament. Today is another election. I have the choice of voting either for a tory tory or a labour tory. I am so happy to have such choice. I don't see exactly what the point is. Both big parties agreed that the UK should fight in the Gulf war. There was very little effective opposition in the house. This did not reflect popular opinion. Even now labour is saying that you can't cast a vote of complaint about Iraq. My main analysis of the election swings on Blair buying chips in a chip shop. Did he eat the chips. I bet not. Note eat means eat at least half of the packet. I expect he gave them to a suited intern, saying "I know we don't pay you any money, so a hot meal will do you good." I just don't see a posh git like Blair eating chips. So if he didn't eat them, why did he but them. This is a waste of valuable rescoures. It is people like Blair that help cause the Irish potato famine. I think there should be some kind of investigation. Perhaps, this chipgate scandal will get me a job writing for the Guardian. Before anybdy whines at me about the importance of democracy. It looks as though my voting card is missing. So it may be that I will be voting afterall, I just don't who for.