Monday, May 16, 2005


I can't say I am so excited by the new starwars movie. The last one was OK, but the young darth vader needed a good slapping. Still, I will no doubt go and see it. I think I read a review in maybe the online guardian that claimed that yoda was one of the better actors. What a droll wit. I have read the book "a hero with a thousand faces" that was meant to be very influencial to the plot of starwars. This was one of those books I didn't understand much of. The idea seemed to be that the myth of a hero going on adventure was symbolic of a persons growth as an individual. I hate books were the only thing I remember is the summary on amazon. Perhaps that is what I need is a quest. A mighty adventure, where I would come back with a kingdom, somebody to share my lonely bed with, and some arcane occult knowledge that I could impress the lads down the pub with. After my adventure I would grow to be dignified and old. Yes, but first I need a washing machine as the one I have is broken. I need clean clothes if I am to meet the Elf queen in all her snowy glory.