Sunday, May 08, 2005


This terminal also records some of the titles peopel use on their blogs. What kind of title is barperson. What did this barperson do to the blogger. Did someone spill beer on somebodys clothes. Perhaps there was some kind of digital photograph incident, where a digital photo of a memebr of the bar staff went astray. Perhaps the barstaff was a long lost friend who had faked sucide to avoid telling their girlfriend of various diseases he had given them. Perhaps the barstaff was not human and bit of the head of a cat when the blogger ordered a bloody mary. Or, maybe theblogger had a nicechat how wonderfull LOndon was with a jolly barman in a green pin striped suit. There is a whisky /cocktail bar around the corner. Perhaps, I should investigate. I think it is a piano bar as well. Sounds a bit posh, butI didn't see no doorstaff. I though this was the information age, I don't have much to go with just the phrase barperson. I suppose I could type the phrase into google, but can I really be bothered? Why can't bloggers use more interesting titles?