Tuesday, May 10, 2005

High Lord

I am back in Liverpool. The train ride from London fromr Liverpool to London was pleasant. I spent most of the time reading "High LOrd" by Trudi Canavan. I enjoye the book, though it was a bit bloated. Part of the plot involved black magic, where a magician could take power from someone by cutting their flesh. This was considered bad by most people. I supppose it is like some kind of vampire analog. Someone told me of a fim, where a man's mother tried to interest him in "life" by inviting a young lady to tea. She was talkiing about pink dresses, flowers, and stuff so he attempts to hack off his hand with a meat cleaver. This is the kind of film, I don't need to see. So I will start on reading my copy of "fight club" instead. A lucky excape.