Monday, May 02, 2005

alternative history was where I became a man

One problem I have with writers stuck in English Lit. departments is that their books tend to be about writers stuck in Universities. This tends to amke the writing a tad dull. The technique is fantastic, but nothing seems to happen to people of no consequence. When I used to read such books, I felt my prejiduce that people who could spell were boring and anal retentive was a fairly accurate. Looking at my blog enteries, I don't really see that I so different (apart from the spelling and grammer stuff). It is all very self centered. OK, if you view a BLOG entry as like a diary then perhaps this may not be totally unreasonable. As my imagination has been a bit sickley lately, I think that desperate measures are called for. Perhaps, I should start an alternative BLOG, where my adventures in a alternative Universe are recoreded. As I write this, I start to think of living in a burnt out pub and eating dogs, while alien beaast roam the streets. Umm, it will be all about me, but in a different place. Perhaps an improvement. I can see that this will end in tears, deportation, or a prison sentence. Still it sounds like fun/