Sunday, May 29, 2005


I just finished off "the Rum Diaries" by Hunter S. Thompson. I had a massive hangover on Saturday, but I managed to end the book. I had started reading it at the start of the year. I really enjoyed the book, but the main message I got from it was that if you drink a huge quantity of rum, then bad things will happen. Some very interesting things happened to him, but what the was the point ot it all. I read a review somewhere that clamed his writing had been saved by the drug culture. I think that it was the search for the American dream that made the hedonism of his drug fueled works more interesting. I am also finishing off "the female eunuch" by Germaine Greer. She was a lot less annoying in the early 70s. Some of the comments are almost insightfull. A book written in dark dusty libraries and then evenings of plentiful sex with partners who could stand her constant chattering. Perhaps this reading experience will make more a more sensitive man?