Thursday, March 01, 2012

Exam angst

 On taking an exam in German

I am in the progress of taking an exam in German. The last part of the test is next Wednesday.
Although I am a "hard" person, I also have a nervous streak. When I was at University or school, people used to hat it when I took an exam. After the test I would go into "I have failed mode", where I would get depressed, because I thought I had failed the exam. For completeness, the exam is B1,
that is I believe close to AS level in German.

After the exam on Wednesday I started to get very depressed, because I thought I had messed up two thirds of the exam. I did manage to fail many of the practice tests we did in class. And when I say fail, I mean a massive failure with 30% score. Luckily the teacher told me I hadn't failed, just I was getting  into failure mode. My mood was bad for the test, because after studying for the test, I found that I had forgotten many of the verb conjugations for important verbs such as werden.
So I had spent the morning writing out the tables, but making many mistakes.
 I also failed the last exam at the A2 level and the pass mark is 66% -- what the fuck.

At some stage I realized I knew the word for fail (durchfallen), but not the word for pass. There is a verb called passen, but my on line dictionary translates this as "to suit" or match, but I will check with my German speaking colleagues.

When I was "revising" for this exam, I found that no one understood what I was talking about. And now that I think about it -- it doesn't make too much sense.

Well how should I relax? Perhaps I will read a little Mark Twain on the German language.