Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hangover blues

Sometime ago a person I worked with told me that "nobody tells you but hangovers get worse as you go beyond 30."  I was older than 30 then, so I didn't really believe him.

I remember that Richard Burton (the actor) said in an interview that one day he got up and was complaining that he felt terrible. His friends told him, that is a hangover and thank god you finally had one, because you are drinking too much. This happened when he was fairly old and he had the reputation of being a big drinker.

Somehow my hangovers are getting worse, even though I am not drinking a huge amount (OK but more than 2 cans of beer though). It used to be that I would begin to feel better again in the afternoon, but now I feel bad throughout the day.

Perhaps ironically, I didn't drink anything last night and went to sleep early. I work up about 4am and started worrying about work, so I didn't sleep well. As I result I feel like shit.