Sunday, November 11, 2012

I didn't like the Prometheus film

So I watched the film Prometheus over the weekend via Itunes. I was aware that I should be excited by the film, because it was a prequel to the Alien films. However I found the first half so boring that I nearly  didn't watch the second half. They try to do some philosophy, but it is done in such a cartoon manner that the words are wasted. There were some good set pieces, but they didn't link with other scenes.

It could have been a much better film if the writing was a bit tighter. The film looked so beautiful in parts and that made my fear for the plot. I have read that Ridley Scott has an opinion about whether Decker in the film Blade Runner is an Android. This is such an uninteresting question that obsess film nerds and the fact that he doesn't know, or even cares about it, tells me he should not be trying to make a philosophical film.