Sunday, November 11, 2012

Julian Cope introduces me to Cold Sun

Julian Cope was a guest on the freakzone radio show  this week. He was talking about his new book:

The book is a collection of review written by Julian about various underground bands. I assume most of the bands are really obscure, but that is more a reflection about the tastes of a modern world. Normally I would complain that there is no kindle edition, but Julian would just say: "hey Craig you just don't get it man. Spend some time offline."

One of the bands he played was Cold Sun and the track was Fall. The sound of Cold Sun totally blew me away, There is a long, but forgotten,  history of cold sun in a blog post.

Did Julian really end his piece with a phrase about "the utter simplicity of beer." Thanks Julian.

I have this dream though. I am organising a big national music festival. I ask Julian Cope to organize a small tent with underground bands. He does this, but fro some reason the tabloid press start a witch hunt against him. He also blows his budget. To get revenge,. mostly for spending so much money, I force him to record a pop record again, perhaps with someone like Adel. It is weird how the mind works.