Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Rolling Stones and pain

So I was thinking techno, but my heart was rock and roll. I was reading this article in Guardian about pain killers. There are a number orf interesting or amusing things about the article. I was impressed that an addict used a digital camera to watch their parent open a safe where the pain killers were stored. Also I didn't realize that people stole pain killers at parties. I was finally impressed that a person had a safe installed in himself for his pills -- very Philip K. Dick.

What does pain killers remind you of. It reminds me of the following Rolling Stones song. A policeman  came into school to play us  this song, so wouldn't take LSD and go insane. I am actually depressed that the Stones are still giging. Theye were viewed as old and not so interesting in the 1980s. Did punk not happen?

I like this song though.