Friday, November 23, 2012

Why I hate facebook

Some people say I will never use Facebook, I just don't see the point. Then they also worry that their children will undesratnd computer better then them.

Personally, I don't see using Facebook as a big deal, but I have found that I now hate it. There is a certain voyeurism in watching facebook record other peoples lives on Facebook.   Every daya I log onto Facebook to see what "my friends" are doing. At first it was fun to see what other people are doing and eating, but after a while I started to think that everyone else is enjoying themselves more than  me. I wish they would stop posting pictures of all the tasty food they are eating.

What is my life: a can of beans or a plate of mince. Occasionally something different happens to me and I make a post to facebook. I then wait to see if people like my post. Mostly they don't.

I should spend more time in the real world of course. So that is why I have purchased a security camera, and I will move my voyeurism offline.