Friday, December 07, 2012

A tour of aniseed flavoured booze.

It is Friday night. Time to party! I find that I am drinking a fair bit of aniseed flavoured spirits. I like to drink Ouzo with cold water. If my fridge didn't suck so much that the icebox could freeze water, I would include ice. I don't like ice with whisky, because I worry that it might explode.
I watched some film on TV with Turkish gangsters . They were all drinking milky Ouzo in a bar.

Next up is Pernod. I have only just started drinking this.It reminds me of Hercule Poirot, but I am not sure that is a good thing. When I was 16, someone told me that they knew someone who drank a bottle of Pernod. The Pernod crystallized and he would get drink when ever he drank water. My young mind thought that was cool. I read that Pernod was created when Absinthe was banned, so it is like Absinthe but with out the danger.

Last but not least is Absinthe. I just love its greeness. I would only drink two small glasses in an evening. because frankly it is evil stuff. Perhaps it sent Poe insane, or maybe not. It was banned in many places, but not in the UK, because it was not drunk by many people there. It looks as though the EU regulations reversed the bans in many countries.

Many famous people, such as Aleister Crowley have drunk Absinthe.
Umm, I now read that it is popular with England's club culture.