Thursday, December 06, 2012

On the state of comedy in the UK

I love watching live stand ups on the TV. However, I was getting sick of some UK comics doing more and more extreme jokes. Although I find the joke by Frankie Boyle below funny, people seemed to trying to "be as sick as possible.", with no reason. (I am talking to you Ricky Gervais )  .

On the other hand I have seen comedians whose set seems to be mostly about their children. In some sense this is about real life, but it doesn't really move me. Also I can imagine the kids are pretty unhappy about being used for material, but perhaps they like the money that dad brings in.
I am thinking Michael Bishop -- who I like I might add.

But where did the politics go from comedy? Where is the new Bill Hicks?
I really like Kevin Bridges because he is funny and he also does political jokes. He was recenttly on live at the Apollo. The set below is an example.