Monday, December 03, 2012

My brush with death on the Autobahn.

I have spent the weekend at my mum's house in Burnley. I flew back to Weezse an airport that Ryanair claims is close to Dusseldorf, but it is 1 hour outside. Normally I get the bus to a train station where I get the train to Dusseldorf. This time I thought I would get the bus all the way to Dusseldorf.

Manchester City are playing some where in Germany tomorrow, so the plane was full of Manchester City blokes drinking beer. The coach to Dusseldorf was also full of City fans. They were a bit loud, but  having fun in a good natured way. They were happy when the bus driver sold them beer..

The weather was pretty bad. It was raining and very dark. About 20 minutes outside Dusseldorf, there was a bang, and as I looked at the window I saw that a truck had swerved into us. I didn't even feel a jolt, so titling this post as a near death experience is a bit of exaggeration.

When I was at school my German teacher told us that every thing was more efficient in Germany. When there was a car crash on the autobahn, they would just lift the smashed cars to the side of the road, so that traffic could start to flow again as fast as possible. In reality we waited 20 minutes for any police to show up. Then another 40 minutes of messing around before we started again. As much as it was fun to listen to listen to the banter of the Man City fans, I was happy to be back amongst the German speaking crowd. On the plane I was reading a Dr Who, novel but switched to reading the Republican war on science, just in case I was asked what I was reading. I clearly have esteem problems , if I worry about what Man City fans think about what I am reasding.