Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cafe Replay Wuppertal

I have a  certain fasination for bars with weird energy. In Wuppertal I hardly ever drink in pubs or bars, but if I am out I sometime drink two bottles of Beck in Replay coffee, before I get the bus home. It is under

There is either an african or Jamican feel to the bar. They normally play Rega music. The bar is full of groups of young people or single older women.

Last night I was in there. Ther was an attractive women, dressed in black sitting at the bar. She drank a shot of some clear liquid, but then moved on to tea. She seemed like a typical bar fly, because she kept wanting to talk to the barman. She was attractive, but she moved as though she was wasted. Perhaps I should have tried to talk to her.

The video below gives some idea of the bar.

After I had drunk my two beers  I walked home. The bar I normally go fior a piss break was full of very smart people smoking, so I went to another bar . It was a friendly local bar. Some of of the old locals got presents when they left, but not me.