Sunday, December 16, 2012

On addiction

Addiction is a strange thing. I used to eat a lot of chocolate. I used to eat chocolate biscuits after meals at home. At 11:00 I would go to the vending machine and buy a chocolate bar of some kind.
I no longer eat chocolate in my flay and I eat an apple at 11:00. It was so hard to give up on the chocolate bar at 11:00. For the first couple of days I really wanted that chocolate fix. But now I don't think about it.

It helps that politically I find that sugar and chocolate are pushed on us by big business. Brian Cox the actor is doing an interesting series on the BBC about the various things we are addicted too. One show as about sugar. So politically I want to cut down on my sugar intake, because I feel it is a drug to keep me in control.

I know that I would lose weight if I cut down on the booze. For example there is this article in the guardian. While looking for some wise words from Orwell, I found this  However, the political argument doesn't work so well. Beer is part of the race memory and has been drunk since the dawn of mankind. I wonder how far back beer drinking goes. It could also be linked to developments in the brain.

I am collecting a big wine cellar at the moment.