Friday, December 14, 2012

Booze and madness at the Wuppertal Christmas market

It is that time of year to visit the X-mas market in Wuppertal. I wanted to get a hair cut. I usually go to get my hair cut after work. This time I went to the Christmas market after losing most of my hair.
It was below freezing, so I needed warming up. I got some gluwein from a stall. I have to admit I drank two mugs. I think it went to my head, because I felt more drunk that usual at the end of the evening. There were not many people at the stall, but it was very cold.

I spent 15 years convincing my mum that it was a family tradition to go to the pub on Christmas day. This is a good and fun tradition. But there can be bad ttraditions as well. I was just tkinking about food, when I had this sudden urge to look at the animals. When I was at the X-mass market last year, or maybe the year before, one of the people I was with wanted to see the little area with the animals. Personally I just wanted another beer, but I followed the group and saw the little stall of animals, I did feel a little peace. I also had a laugh when the goat was messing around.

After I had got the animal seeing tradition out of the way, I went for some food. I had a fish fried in a bun with some tasty source. Yummy. I then thought I have done enough Christmas stuff and it was time for a beer in a nice warm bar. It took them, about 15 minutes to get around to taking my order, but I was happy to be warm again. I noticed that a knife was at my feet -- pretty useful if there was any kind of attack.

After 1 big beer, 1 small, and a whisky sour later, I went out to another bar. On the way I noticed that somehow the clever German who created the kiosk had added helicopter wings to make it look more traditional.  This freaked me out when I saw it, but that might have been from the whisky sour.

Two more bars for small beers. And I was then I went home on the bus. I must say that this Christmas market idea is a much better way to celebrate Christmas than to go to church. Perhaps one day I will be able to visit the famous X-mas market of Manchester.