Wednesday, April 06, 2011

2nd day in Athens

On my second full day in Athens I decided to visit the Acropolis of Athens. The Acropolis dominates the skyline of Athens. Getting to the Acropolis involves walking up a hill. However, after living in Wuppertal, I have plenty of experience of vertical motion.

What can I say the buildings were amazing. They are just so big, even though they are half broken. I was feeling awestruck by the huge mighty pillars of marble. Perhaps this is where Plato and Aristotle stood and thought deep thoughts. I started to think deep thoughts and then I looked out over the city of Athens. "What a shit hole", I thought. Athens is an incredibly ugly city. All the buildings are made out of ugly concrete. I doubt that there ws any central planning, and probably many bribes recieved to allow various buildings to be thrown up.

There are attendants who check that no one is doing anything inapropriate. They blow whistles, if they think you are doing anything wrong. There were two teenagers sitting on a wall looking out on the wonder that is Athens. One attendant kept whistling and the two kids kept chatting until the attendant came right up to them.

After doing the classical tour I was hungry and ready for lunch. I stopped at a restaurant and ordered an Ouzo platter. The waiter recommended a pitcher of Ouza to go with it. I couldn't remember how strong Ouza was, but a pitcher seemed like a lot. But as it was my birthday, I decided "well why not". (This shows I have learnt nothing in my 44 years of life). Actually, the pitcher of Ouza turned out to be a 12 Oz bottle with a bucket of ice. I also got a free Ouza "on the house" at the end of the meal.

After that I read for a while and had drinks in a few more bars, then back to the hotel.