Friday, April 08, 2011


On holiday I read "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton. I have owned this book for a long time, but I thoght it would be good to read it in Athens.

When I was a child I was very interested in Greek mythology. There is a lot more shagging, killing and jealousy in tales of Ancient Greece, but those Gods are nuch nicer and more fun than the Christian God.

I didn't remeber that Hercules had killed his family. This is never mentioned in the TV shows with Hercules. I usually watch the Hercules cartoon on Sunday morning (to improve my German).

The book also briefly covered the Norse Gods, such as Odin, Loki and Thor. I wish that there has been more information about the Norse Gods. I liked that they felt doomed -- just like me. Oh well I can just wait for Branagh's film about Thor.