Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A little bit on drinking

This year I have been trying to cut down on the late night drinking of beer, mostly because I was getting very fat. Unfortunately, no one has seemed to notice. I keep hoping that someone will say to me "it looks like you have lost weight," but no one does. Of course it could be that having a couple of beers in the evening wasn't affecting my weight, at all, so I will have to look at other possible causes (as well as drinking more again). I could try cutting down on the amount of fruit I am eating to see if that will do the trick.

As it happens I do mostly feel better for not drinking on workdays. I should be getting enough exercise because doing any walking, such as to and from to work, in Wuppertal mostly involves walking up some big hill. I still feel tired though a lot of the time Well, the previous two pargraphs were written at the begiining on March. There was a big slippage, because of my birthday and holidays. I was amused to hear the British comic Arthur Smith, say in a program about the day he had to give up drinking for medical reasons, that he never had a drink in the morning, so he never thought if himself as a problem drinker. He also mentioned that he never got up in the morning though.

I just wish I didn't feel so tired all the time.