Saturday, April 30, 2011

About the royal Wedding

I didn't read any newspaper articles about the ceremony. Hoverer, my yahoo email reader flashed up pictures from news sources of the wedding. I did see a picture of Kate and Will kissing. The kiss that Diana gave Charles on their wedding day is very iconic. However, with the knowledge of future events, it does look like Diana was kissing in a needy nymphomaniac way. Kate is kissing in a sensible manner -- so that is good.

More importantly I understood what Kate's role is in the Monarchy. England is in a mess at the moment. The public school boys are in control and they are driving everything too the ground, so that they can sell the UK off, and retire rich to the South of the France.

England ia a pagan nation. What do we need to get England back on its feet. We need a sacrifice! Haven't you seen the Wickerman film? Kate you are so sensible, therefor your downfall will help the flowers and animals prosper on England's fair shores. A few years of wealth and attention, so Kate will be ready for her end.

If someone had explained to me the Royal Weddding as the above metaphor, I would have been more interested.

Thanks Kate!