Saturday, April 16, 2011

A trip to Solingen

I once visited Edinburgh for work reasons. The person I was visiting said he would meet me for dinner near the Cathedral. I thought "there's a cathedral in Edinburgh?". I mean I only lived in Edinburgh for three years, when I was a student, so I could not be expected to know every place in that city.

The reason I mention this is that today, I took a day trip to Solingen. Solingen is a small city close to Wuppertal. It took 10 minutes to get there by an IC train. I walked in the pedestrian area, ate a kebab, and read my book. There were quite a few interesting bars in the main area. Then I had a quick look around for the bus station, failed to find it, and then got on a train to Wuppertal.

The train was mean to end in Wuppertal, but after two stops te driver annouced that it was stopping. This is a always a nightmare for those of us with weak German skills. I followed everyone off the train and got on a bus that took us to another station. The bus took a winding route through a forest.

There is castle close to Solingen that I think requires a trip in cable car to get too. But you first have to find the main bus station. I give up too easily these days.