Saturday, April 09, 2011

On leaves and woods

I am a city dweller. I need to see concrete every day. I get a panic attack, if I am more than 500 yards from a coffee shop. However, now that I live om the edge of a wood, the power of mother nature is getting to me.

The first 15 minutes of my walk to work is through a wood. It is so peaceful, apart from the barking dogs. I hear the birds singing. I feel mellow and peaceful. I have started to think about hiking -- even though I can barely walk.

I was talking to someone at a dinner recently. I was complaining that thee were no leaves on the tress. I was starting to rant on that I thought that mother nature was dead, when it was pointed out to me that the leaves will come back. I sort of knew that, but it was getting to me -- every day I was walking through a forest with trees that had no leaves. I felt as though I was walking through hell

Anyway the leaves are just starting to grow again. Hopefully this will mean I will stop thinking about death so much.