Friday, April 22, 2011

On hot beverages

I drink a lot of tea, but when I go outside my flat or office, I usually drink coffee. This is partly because I like a change. One problem with drinking tea in Europe is that they very rarely sell any decent tea in a cafe. There is usually a vast choice of terrible fruit teas. And then, as after thought for the odd British person who might wander in, there is Earl Grey tea.

I will drink Earl Grey tea, but I don't really enjoy it. I would much prefer a nice cup of harsh black English tea. This is the real reason that the British don't feel like we are part of Europe. After all our work on providing a Universal language that glues together the continent, we can't get a decent cup of tea, but are insulted by a nasty cup of Earl Grey. This last week I found out, from the BBC, that Earl Grey was actually a prime minster. His tea is still shit though.

In my the UK I sometimes like to drink hot orange. I made this from concentrated orange juice. But I have been unable to buy any concentrated orange juice in Germany. There is no point in complaining, because the locals will just point that concentrated orange juice is just full of chemicals and probably no oranges. Then they will tell again, "that English is food is shit."

So you can imagine my happiness that I found some powdered orange juice, in my local supermarket, that I can use to make a hot orange drink. Yummy -- you don't know what you are missing Johnny foreigner.

I just need to find a way to get bacon butties for breakfast.