Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An open letter to the Acropolis Museum

Dear director of the Acropolis Museum, I recently visited your fine museum in Athens. I wanted to buy a copy of The Parthenon Marbles: by Christopher Hitchens. But you don't sell it!

It is well known that in the past, when Englnd was ruled by Aristocrats and public school boys, there was a lot of stuff stolen from abroad to be stored in great country houses and then museums. I saw your video about how Lord Elgin stole the Marbles from The Parthenon. I know that you want the marbles to be displayed in your museuem. I think that Hitchens's books make the case that the stolen artifacts are returned.

Perhaps you don't want to stock the book so that you don't give offence to any visiting Lord or Lady doing the "grand tour". Bollocks man, show some gumtion. The current set of public school boys who are running England are the feeble offspring of several generations down the line after the slaughter in the trenches in the first world war. You need to be firm with them, either you bribe them (underneath their posh voices they are just crooks) or you horse whip them and set the dogs on them. Personally I would go for option 2. Then you would get your heritage back. Yours, Craig A lover of Gyros