Thursday, May 16, 2013

A night out at the B7 club in Wuppertal.

So I did get my ass in gear and I went to the centre of Wuppertal to go to the B7 club. My head was feeling really bad as I got close to the club. I almost turned back, but I finally decide to go in. I am always nervous walking into a place with door staff. The two doormen at the club looked relaxed and perhaps a bit bored. One of the doorman gave me a piece of paper. I then waited to buy a ticket, but there was none at the ticket counter. I waited and then the doorman shouted for me to go in. I thought great no cover charge.

At the bar I tried to buy a beer. It turned out that the card was to record what booze had been ordered. it was 10pm on Wednesday so the club was not very full. Most people (but not all) people were wearing black clothes of some kind. The advert for the gig said the music was: 
Gothic, Electro, Wave, Mittelalter, Kult Classics. To be perfectly honest I can't remember what a Gothic band sounds like. I liked the music-- it certainly wasn't hard code techno.

At some stage I switched from beer to absinthe and cola. I was a bit suspicious of combining absinthe with cola, but I enjoyed the drink enough to order a second. I felt very woozy after the first absinthe. A young woman was dancing very fast to the music. The absinthe mingled with my guilty desire for the dancer. I started to feel warm and the walls pulled in and began to smolder. The second absinthe and cola was not as much fun, so I switched back to beer.

After 80 minutes I decided to leave. I payed my bill with the doorman and went into the night in search of a bus to take me home.

I felt good the day after. Sometimes I just need a night out.