Monday, May 20, 2013

Me and the fall

I feel in a bit of music rut. I just purchased the latest Fall album: Re-Mit Luckily it is a great fall album. I first heard about the fall in the mid 80s. The TV played the video for Mt Pharmacist

I had never heard of the fall at the time. One of my sister's friends said something like: "The same old Mark E Smith". Given that the fall had only been going 6 years by then. I was not in the cool crowd or I would have known about them in 1979. So I only occasionally buy Fall album's because they can be a bit shit sometimes.

I was so surprised to see how old Mark E Smith looked, when people tried to interview him when John Peel died. Getting old is natural of course and he likes to sup his beer as well. I have seen the fall play only twice. They played at the Liverpool and at a festival in Glasgow. You see I am not a total fanatic.