Sunday, May 19, 2013

I ponder robotics

I have been thinking about life outside a physics department at a University. I have been putting off the inevitable for some time, because the economy has been so bad. So things are slightly improving at the moment, but the current Tory obsession with pulling the UK out of Europe makes me nervous about the future f he future of the UK economy.

One issue that the Tory party hate about Europe is that they feel it stops that driving down wages and benefits to the normal workers. It is clear that they would really love robots to do the majority of the work because they would have zero wage bills, and they wouldn't have to deal with nasty people outside their class. (Of course you still need to buy workers and you need

I could take a political stand on this or I could learn how to program robots.

So I have been searching for books on amazon. So I looked at  Robotics: A Very Short Introduction.

Ironically today there was an article in the guardian about the effect of automation on the economy by Will Hutton. This book was also advertised around Hutton's article.