Thursday, May 02, 2013

Saturday in Munich

So where we with my break in Munich. I was staying in a hotel near the railway station. The hotel was fine, but the room had no toilet. It seemed like a good idea when I was booking the room, because it made the hotel a lot cheaper, but it was not such good idea when I had flu and after I had been dosing myself with beer.

I had booked a first class ticket back to Wuppertal, but this meant I had to take a specific train in the afternoon -- otherwise I would have gone home as soon as I got up. I took the S-bahn back to the centre around the new town hall.  This is the area around  Marienplatz,

I  then searched for the Viktualienmarkt which is close by. I thought that is was a general market, but now that I look online I see that it is a farmers market, which explains why there was so much food on sale. There was a lot of interesting food on sale. My feet were also hot from the stupid trainers I was was wearing. People started drinking beer very early. It is traditional to have a Weisswurst Breakfast with a beer., but I didn't think it was wise with the fever I was suffering from.
At the time I misunderstood that market name and I was looking for virtual market (which makes no sense in meat space.)

There were a lot of american tourists around.

Around 13:00 I was cold and ill, so I decided to wait for the train in an Irish bar. I stayed there for two maybe 3 beers.  I think I ate some kind of curry too.

After the pub I went back to the railway station. I had booked a first class ticket back, because it was only 10 Euros more than second class. OK, so the seats were bigger, but the tea was not free and I didn't see any plugs or Wifi.

So I enjoyed my stay in Munich. It was just a pity that I was  sick.