Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beer glass envy in Germany

Last night I went out into the centre of Wuppertal to go food shopping ad then drink some beer in some bars. The first bar I went to had a group of older English men in. They were talking loudly, but it was Friday. They were were drinking beer in huge litter glasses. I had ordered a big beer, but in this part of Germany a big beer actually means 1/2 liter. Somehow the English guys had found a secret stash of big glasses -- especially for tourists. I spent the rest of the evening feeling bitter the effort I had put into learning German has been wasted. If I had just kept to English and spoke louder than I too could could have been drinking from a litter beer glass. This was important last night, because the service was a little slow.

I went to a new bar (to me at least( called Viertel bar. I drank  one small beer and decided to get the bus home. Kind of a boring evening really. If only I could have drunk out one of those secret liter beer glasses.