Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have seen the future and (thankfully) string theory is dead.

After my use of some ideas from the Hitch hikers guide to the Universe to predict the scale of new physics. I have another idea. I can use science fiction TV shows to predict the future. I remember one episode of Star Trek that involved a lot of time travel. As part of the show we see that the android "data" is the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge once held by Newton and Paul Dirac.

What does that tell us? Well it shows that in the future physics will  be dominated by data driven science, rather than subjects such as string theory that use philosophy and the history of science to market themselves. Also we see the importance of computers for physics research (and perhaps of the android operating system).

My new way of speculative physics research based on watching TV shows is more fun that hacking computer code, but probably much less important.