Saturday, May 04, 2013

First night in Bangkok

So when I was planning a trip to Singapore, I looked around to see somewhere close. I decided to visit Bangkok for a couple of nights -- well it had to be visited once.

I took the train from the University to the airport. As usual my luggage tied me down. I was travelling by a budget airline and I didn't think I had booked for luggage, so I put my big bag into the left luggage. This was cheap, but I wished I had done it earlier in the day to free me of my hated luggage

Things started to go wrong at the airport. After I checked in I think the guy at the airline counter lost my departure form. I was hauled away at passport control, because I no longer had it. They took  me to a separate counter where a very nice young lady asked me "how I liked Singapore", when I told her that I had been working at a conference, she said "that is so sad" in such a sweet voice. I then got a voucher for food because it  had been my birthday that week.

At Bangkok airport I took a taxi to my hotel. I didn't really take enough money from the cash machine, because the tax driver asked me if I wanted to take the toll roads and I would pay the tolls, but I was not sure if I had enough money, so we went the slow route.

I got to the hotel OK. I had a huge hotel room. There was also a big screen TV and even a 4 poster bed for me to sleep on. Room service offered condoms, but the hotel didn't seem that wild. There was also a jacuzzi

I went out for a walk. There didn't seem that much around. I found a grocery store where I purchased some beer and a tooth brush. To be perfectly honest I was a bit worried about getting mugged or some kind of disease or accidentally walking into a brothel, so I didn't explore too much.

I had a light snack of nachos and a Thai salad in the hotel bar. The bar was empty and very dark. At some stage they turned the lights back on. This seemed a bit strange until I realized that it was Erath night and the lights were turned down for 1 hour.