Saturday, May 05, 2012

More fitness woes

Boohoo I weighed my self this morning. I am no longer 88kg, but I am back at 89kg. What did I do wrong?  I didn't go for a speed walk on labour day -- it was a fucking holiday. I did eat a chocolate bar on Wednesday with two sandwiches, because I didn't go to the Mensa for a cooked meal. Err what else. Ok I drank beer late evenings on Friday through Tuesday.

It doesn't help that the Guardian has all the stories about losing weight. For example this one has a man starting out at the weight of 76.6kg ! I was planning to stop dieting at 80 kg. And it looks as though he wrote a book about it. Why would anyone be interested in his book. At leas this blog post is short. Half of the guys work out is having sex with his wife -- but he not allowed to say how much he is having

I was going to snigger about the piece by David Mitchell on trying to get fit. He trashes people who are overweight and trying to run. Doesn't apply to me I thought. Bu then I though, although I speed limp around the forest close to my flat, I have not tried jogging , because I am no uncoordinated that it would look weird.