Wednesday, May 30, 2012

family train noise torture

I am sitting on a train between Bristol and Plymouth. The first part
of the journey was a nightmare. There was a very large extended family
behind me. There were a lot of children, parents, and then two grand parents.
This family were very very loud. Somehow the granddad was the loudest of them

The parents and grandparent would tell the children to be quiet -- even though they were 3 or 4 times as loud as their children. At one stage the granddad
was making burping noises. There was nothing crude about what they were shouting. There was no swearing -- just lots of never ending loud chatter. They were
all enclosed in each other, that the rest of the people in the coach did
not matter.

The  big family have just got off the train, so is quiet.
Also the train is travelling by the coast. The scenery is very

Perhaps I am just a old miserable git.