Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Eccentronic Research Council

I was listenin to the Freakzone radio show from last week. There was a great track from an outfit called The Eccentronic Research Council, The track involved Lancashire, I wanted to get the track. However, there is not to much information about them on the web. I found this site, bu it didn't have the track I wanted, which was Autobahn 666.

I tried Amazon, Itunes, and youtube, but I found nothing. This track is a well kept secret. It is not that I can't hear the track, it is also I feel my web hunting skills have been beaten.  I was willing to pay money.

Perhaps the freakzone team is making up new and obscure track just to torment us sad types who worry about these things. I could spend ten years tracking this song down...

OK now that I look at the above site, I see I just have to wait until the summer.

The E.R.C - The Eccentronic Research Council.
Post 1612 Ghosts on Pre 1977 analogue Synthesisers.
The Debut E.R.C. Album Featuring Narraration and Voices by Uk Actor/Actress Maxine Peake & SHOWCASING a few new singing Lady voices is due out this summer on BIRD (2012).