Friday, May 25, 2012

How my phone saved my life

So I am walking around Bristol. You do see s lot of people string at their phones.

This android phone has changed me life. People make man wild claims for technoly. I can't stand people who do that, but having this new phone is like having a new child.

When I arrived in Bristol I had a little walk around and got some food. But it was so hot. I wanted to drop my stuff off at the hotel. Normally I spend hours looking at maps trying to find hotels and staring at maps. It was so hot and I was sweating badly. But my phone showed two little dots on  a map. One dot was me and the other was the hotel. I just walked and joined the two dots. And there was the hotel! I could have died from dehydration, but my phone saved me.

As it happens I had walked quite close to the hotel, but I had not noticed it, because it was close to a Wetherspoon pub and I was destracted by thoughts of food.

I had not noticed, but my phone told me that the name of the pub was called the "Knights Templar".

My main worry about my phone is the crap battery life. It almost can't get through a day without needing to be charged

So I left my phone in the hotel to charge and went to explore Bristol. But when I was in Bristol I kept thinking this would be so much more fun if my phone was with me. I could take pictures and check my email. There was a QR diagram for a bus tour of Bristol

Anyway I hope that you find from this post that an Android phone is a useful device to have. Obviously you don't want to get addicted. On the flight over I was sitting next to a fat guy who looked at his phone all the way through the flight. As we were getting close to landing, a steward asked him to turn it off. The guy then said, he didn't think the phone would effect the plane. The steward told him to turn it off now. He turned  the phone off, the steward walked away. He turned the phone on again. I was thinking, should I complain. I don't want to die because some fat guy likes to play "Angry Birds". He did eventually turn it off