Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Manhatten in reverse

When I used to go on holiday, I always used to take a lot of books. I would then panic at some stage in the holiday and then buy more just in case. Now I just need a kindle, kindle reader on my smart phone.
However, I don't think we are allowed to read a kindle on the flight and definitely not on the take off and landing. So I still need a paper book.

So at Cologne airport I purchased "Manhattan in reverse" by Peter F Hamilton. According to the blurb on the front, Peter is Britain's number one writer. i really enjoyed the book. However, many of the stories were very optimistic about the power of science and technology. My guess is that society will be destroyed by the crazy Tories and their crazier tea party cousins in the US. There will never be work holes or positive genetic engineering of humans. We will all end up living in tents. To be fair to Peter, even the first story was optimistic about human progress, it did also involve the problems of the Catholic church.

I think this is the first book of stories written by  Hamilton that I have read. However one of the stories seemed very familiar. That was particularly weird because the story was about time travel and repeating lives.