Sunday, May 06, 2012

Go coffee go...

When I was at Liverpool one of the graduate students told me that I could have health problems because of the amount of coffee I was drinking. After his advice I started to take stock of how much I was drinking.

I would have two cups of tea before I got up and a cup of tea with breakfast. I would get a coffee when I got of the bus and started to walk up the hill to work. There was a small coffee shop in the building where I worked, so I normally would buy a coffee there, because there was a lift to the 8th floor. In my office I would have a cup of tea. At 11:00 there would be a coffee break for the group. Then I would drink more tea during the afternoon. I would only have a final coffee at about 16:00. I would drink 3 or 4 cups of tea in the evening,  but normally no more coffee.

So as you can see the students was talking bollocks, because I hardly drink coffee at all.

Normally in Wuppertal I just buy one coffee when I get in the morning, because there is a coffee shop n the same floor as my office and I am thirsty from walking in to work. There is talk of buying a fancy coffee machine  at work, but recently I have started buying some instant stuff. It is useful to give me a little kick, but no doubt everyone will shout at me for drinking instant coffee.