Sunday, May 06, 2012

My worries about German democracy

I was just watching German TV before breakfast. They showed a clip of a TV show where a bunch of people sat around talking about stuff. Suddenly there was some shouting and confusion. Four people man handled a guy who was shouting out of the TV studio.

These talk shows are boring and there are a lot of them late at night. Personally I would have protested the lack of action films shown at night on German TV.

But then the host of the TV program asked that the person who was just thrown out to be brought back into the studio. They then argued with him and he stopped shouting.

It is scenes like this that make me worry about German democracy. I am English and come from a culture where we have had a 1000 years of democracy. In the UK the protester would have been taken to straight prison. Also the audience would have been charged 500 pounds to be there and that would keep the people n the audience to the correct class. Why does our ruling class need to listen to people when they have good PR firms to spin their policies.

I remember when I lived in Salt Lake City in the 90s. The evil Thatcher visited. My boss went to see her talk. There was a protester who was taken out of the hall and put in the county jail. He said during the 60s and the Vietnam years that would have been nothing and the person would have not been sent to jail. I notice that he didn't tall me of Thatcher's visit until after it had happened. Perhaps my ranting about sinking of retreating battleships worried him.