Sunday, February 24, 2013

In praise of Mary Lou Lord

When I lived in the US, I discovered a singer called  Mary Lou Lord.  She sings in a very sweet style, mostly acoustic versions of indie song. She is blond, but luckily is not annoying with it.

At some stage she was a major record label, but that didn't seem to work out so well.
And she must gave been dropped after one album. She was friends with Elliot Smith, so she may have been a bit wilder than she looks.

She also played a lot as a busker.

I did see her play at the University of Utah. She asked for requests and my girlfriend shouted "Speeding Motor Cycle" -- my favourite song that she played.  Mary didn't play that song though. Later I went out side the gig, because I needed the toilet. Mary Lou was selling CDs, which my girlfriend didn't buy for me. As I explained to her "Mary Lou is the woman I love and who I want to carry my children. If you can't be bothered to buy her bootleg CDs then this relationship is going no where."

In the last year or so the amount of material on youtube about her has increased, so it looks as though she is playing again.