Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines night 2013

I was ridiculously excited by this year's valentines day.  Not for any real reason, but it seemed like a good reason for a trip to the centre of Wuppertal for a couple of beers. I got out of the University and it was snowing. Will this winter ever end I thought, but I resolutely strode across the road to the bus.

I wanted to buy some more weights, but the shop I normally go to looked as though they were closing down. Thee were only a few weights but they were expensive and the choice was much smaller than normal. I decided not to buy anything.

I then went shopping to a bigger supermarket than I normally shop at. When I looked at my basket, it was full of beer, curry powder, and baked beans. Everything I needed to keep body and soul together.

There are not many bars near the bus station. I sometimes go to Pino's, but it didn't look as though there were many places to sit.

I then went to a small bar and drank a 12  oz bottle of beer. I got the bus to go home, but I was at the wrong stand and just ended up taking a bus back to the centre of town. Since fate had willed it I went to small bar close to the railway station that was prey empty.

I got home about 21:40. I watched the end of Tatort. I then watched a bit of the US version of the new Sherlock Homes series set in modern day USA with Lucy Liu as  Watson. Even though it was dubbed into German it looked really terrible.

I had the phrase "the best ever Valentines Day" run through my mind the previous week. I didn't find love, but I had a better time than last year.