Friday, February 22, 2013

Rubens exhibition in Wuppertal

The local art gallery in Wuppertal: Von Der Heydt-Museum has a big exhibition of the work of Peter Paul Rubens. The exhibition is going to end next week, so I thought I should get my arse in gear and see it this week. The gallery closes at 20:00 on Thursday, and I was planning to go after work. There was a problem with the water in the University, so they closed all the toilets about 15:00 yesterday, so I left work early.

I felt very young in the gallery because everyone else seemed to be a lot older than me.
All the explanations were in German, which was good because I didn't have to read any explanations.

I really liked the vivid colours of the paintings. There were a number of paintings of women with one breast exposed -- very classy. There were two portraits at the start, where the sitters were wearing black robes -- they looked like black magicians, but I assumed they were not. Now that I read the information on the museum web site, I find that he was a diplomat as well and the structure of the exhibition  was designed to show that.

The picture below is of Rubens -- I don't remember seeing it.