Saturday, February 23, 2013

more lack of fitness stats

I was really hoping that I could get my weight to 90 kg this week. I even have a small bottle of fizzy wine in the fridge to celebrate. What went wrong? I walked up the steps to the my office from Monday through Wednesday, but the cold and snow stopped me on Thursday and Friday. I just feel more motivated to lift weight rather rather than do a kettle bell work out.

The Guardian has some helpful information about weight and height.
According to the Guardian my BMI is 27.78 and I am indeed overweight.

I now also own a simple device to measure my pulse. When I first tried using it a couple of days ago it reported I had a heart rate of 70. According to wikipedia that is above average for a 45 year old. However, when I measured it this morning it was 80, which means I am a fucking mess,