Friday, February 22, 2013

Waiting for the spring

I have quite a high toleration for cold, but I am sick of this continuing spell. I as nearly frozen solid today, when I arrived at work. There was a nasty viscous wind that went straight through me. There was a little sun to warm my bones. Of course today they shut the University, because of problems with the water supply, so it was pointless to walk to work anyway.

Yesterday I fell in the forest. A few mm of snow had fallen the night before. I am normally very paranoid about where I place my feet. Most of the snow from a week ago had gone, but in some places it had frozen into a slippy patch. The new snow had hidden the slippery patch. I didn't fall hard, but an attractive woman was walking her dog near by. The dog started barking at me, because of my sudden movement. So my pride was hurt. Although I was a bit stiff on my left side of the body. If I remember correctly, there was a person with a crippled foot in the novel The Temple Of The Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima. He used to fall in front of women as a way to get to talk to them. So perhaps I should have acted around more when she came over to help me.

I feel trapped sometimes by the cold weather. I have been going out once a week for drinks in time, just to show that I am not a prisoner. Last night I went for a few beers after I saw the exhibition at the art gallery I am starting to have this nightmare that I didn't pay for the beer I drank in the last bar. I can't believe I forgot.

Where is the spring?