Monday, February 18, 2013

My thoughts on the Utopia show

I have been watching the Utopia TV series on channel 4. It is a really great piece of paranoid TV. See  here for the best background.

My favourite character is Arby. I just like the way he walks, stands and mumbles . At the beginning he hardly said anything, but later he opened up. Sure perhaps he shot all those people in the school, but he had a difficult time as a child.

It is probably the most violent TV show I have ever seen, but the consequences of the violence is always shown. I was amused to see that even the Daily Mail noted that some of the violence was shown off screen.   Some of the people on the show are messed up, while others are normal (ok perhaps only Ian) and are trying to cope with all the weirdness.

The writing on it is so clever. I was particularly impressed that in the last episode the bad network was trying to sterilize 95% of population, but a few of the good characters were persuaded by the argument that this was the way to save the planet -- as well as a bunch of people who write comments on  the series blog of newspapers (perhaps I wanted this to be true.)

There is only episode left. I really hope it is awesome and doesn't let the rest of the series down.