Saturday, February 09, 2013

Outside the German carnival

I went out for a meal and a few beers with a friend from work on Thursday evening. Not that it natters, but we ate at this restaurant. The restaurant had a circulating band with small dishes on it.

On the bus to and from the restaurant I noticed a lot of people in fancy dress. It is carnival time and I see on TV a lot of people wearing fancy dress watching comedians telling jokes, being silly, or singing and dancing. The jokes don't look that funny, but the audience are clearly having a good time.

I didn't see anyone in fancy dress in the two pubs I sent to, so my guess the people in fancy dress were all at some secret club, only known to people born and bred in Wuppertal.  I was going to ask the few people I know who are local to this area, but I suddenly remembered the times I had seen people in the UK wearing fancy dress. These tend to be groups of people on a stag or hen night to celebrate before a person gets married. These tend to be a bit wild, fueled by drink, and at some stage involving a slot of shouting.